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We become part of your team and help your employees, often taking on overlapping functions as illustrated with our current projects.

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Client Feedback

Here are some comments received from our clients about the PMI team:

  • I realize often how unique your team is. The Help Desk model where the analysts are SMEs from business, system, and technical perspectives with high transparency and little red tape is a rarity. I can “call the help desk” and you can tell me how to get access, where to get training, provide a four-minute overview of what the system is all about and be able to answer my detailed questions about what a particular data element is used for by whom and how it flows through the system(s). So, hats off to you and your team for realizing the value that you provide.
  • We wanted to take a moment to stop and thank you for all your hard work every day on training, help desk, and most recently your efforts on training materials....the team was very complimentary of your effort on this. In the midst of all the other things you do, your extending yourself at times of peak workload to get more done for the team is commendable. Great job!
  • We want to highlight your extra efforts in leading and delivering a successful system testing process. This was a key element in the overall deployment and usability of the system around the world and to ensure the security of the sensitive supplier data it contains. Your leadership was instrumental in helping to make the launch of this essential security capability possible. Thank you so much for your willingness to lead and take on such a significant project……..great job!
  • Congratulations and thanks to all the team members from the business and IT for a successful launch - please let them know my appreciation. Our rebranding efforts are starting to pay off. We have to continue working together and collaborating as an integrated team towards the goal to delight our system user community. Let's provide them with the system and support/service required for standardization and success in our manufacturing operations around the world.
  • It is amazing how much improvement has happened in such a short period of time. I really appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.

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