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Founded in 1978, Performance Management, Inc. has provided training, documentation, and help desk support to users around the world. Initially founded by a Western Michigan University graduate student who was focused on building computer system user success, the company grew from a small operation to serve some of the region’s – and the world’s – most well-known companies.

Current and recent clients include:

From its founding until 2016, PMI’s CEO was Dr. Paul Selden. Dr. Selden helped the company provide needed services through his mastery of process engineering as well as learning and development. In early 2016, Dr. Selden sold the company to two long-term employees who shaped the company for the past ten years. The new owners and directors, Rebecca Marlow and Eileen Conn, are ensuring that PMI continues to provide the top-notch services it has become known for through the years. They also are working tirelessly to expand the company into new services, industries, and regions in the near-term. This new chapter is an exciting one in the company’s history, and employees and clients alike are excited about what it brings for all.



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