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VPP/MPP DDL for Production Suppliers

This is for Ford Motor Co. suppliers only.

VPP and MPP are a part of the Common Manufacturing Management System (CMMS), which is a large system containing more than 800 user screens. VPP, or VPP for Phased PPAP, stands for Vehicle Parts Progress for Phased Production Part Approval Process for Body and Assembly production parts. MPP, or MPP for Phased PPAP, stands for Manufactured Parts Progress for Phased Production Part Approval Process, the VPP equivalent for Powertrain production parts. 

VPP and MPP are designed to allow production suppliers who provide parts to Ford Motor Company plants to input parts progress timing information directly into Ford's system. “DDL” is a Direct Data Link to a variety of Ford systems via the Ford Supplier Portal.

In this half-day course, students will learn how to input PPAP timing information (promise dates) into the MPP or VPP systems. The course also includes how and when to challenge a part and how to use slip codes and support plans when necessary to communicate vital status information to Ford.

When: Currently, there are no scheduled sessions. Check back soon for updates. 

Where: Dearborn, Mich. Exact location will be provided to learners well in advance of the course. 

Who: Those Ford suppliers who are responsible for entering parts progress timing information into MPP (body and assembly suppliers) and VPP (Powertrain suppliers). 

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Introduction to Quality

The Certified Quality Improvement Associate certification from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a certification for the non-quality professional who wants to learn more about the topic. 

The CQIA Body of Knowledge (BOK) covers:

  • Quality basics
  • Benefits of quality
  • Quality philosophies
  • Understanding teams
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer-supplier relationships

The 24-hour long program will start you on your way to passing this challenging exam. Once you pass the exam, you will receive a certification from the ASQ.

When: Currently, there are no scheduled sessions. Check back soon for updates.  

How Much: The course fee is $799. This price includes access to our presentations, sample exam questions, and 24 hours of distance learning instruction with one of our top-notch quality instructors. 

Where: At your computer. This course is being taught virtually. Learners will need basic computer skills, high-speed internet access, and audio.

Who: This class is great for those who are looking to show that they know the basics of quality, a body of knowledge that cuts across industry. Whether you are in manufacturing, health care, IT, or legal industries, these basics will help you take your quality skills to the next level--giving you a certification recognized and valued by employers throughout the United States and beyond!

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